A star in the sun

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poster and photo Jean-Yves Brignon

Amber drawing, CE2 class


Duration: 55 min

Author, director Jean-Yves Brignon

with Loena Iskyender, Louise Larret, Fabien Martin, Michaël Résimont

Music Pablo Alvarez

Costumes Christelle Santabarbara

Choreography Judith Chancel

Lighting Vincent Lemoine

Vocal coach Suzanne Legrand

Decor Sevil Gregory

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

The piece received the support of the city of St-Amand Montrond

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A Romeo and Juliet in the firmament

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In the twinkling of the sky, the stars liked to play or hide behind the big cold cloud which was walking, draft in the air.

One of them had the moon as a friend. He often sang to himself as he was taught by the people of the earth and it was not always clear what he was thinking.


At the end of one night, the day was pointing its nose. But the little star lingered. Already, the rays of light were awakening that she saw a ray of sunlight watching her. She saw him detach himself from the sun to come naturally to envelop and warm her. A love was born and the thunderbolt, in Cupid, stung them with small blows.

But will the elements let it go and will their love be strong enough to resist them?

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The room

The piece is published by Éditions Alna. 2007 ISBN 2-849591-29-7

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The stars are moles on the skin of the universe

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- 6-11 Dec. 19 Creative residency in St-Amand Montrond

- 12 Dec. 19 Creation in Saint-Amand Montrond (18)

- 15-20 Dec. 19 Le Puy en Velay (43)

- 22 Dec. 19 Vaureal (95)

- 12 Dec. 2021 Troyes (10)

- Feb.-March 2022 Théâtre Clavel (Paris)