"The company A Visage Découverte was created in 2018 under the leadership of Jean-Yves Brignon.

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Trained as an actor in Paris (Studio 34, Ecole Claude Mathieu) and passionate about literature, Jean-Yves Brignon enjoys the diversity and abundance offered by the theatrical genre. He plays in more than thirty shows, in classics with Molière (Scapin, l'Avare, le Bourgeois gentilhomme, le Médecin despite himself), Beaumarchais, Shakespeare (the Comedy of errors, Hamlet, Othello) as well as moderns ( Enzo Cormann, Montherlant, Eugene O'Neill, Arrabal, Alphonse Boudard, Evelyne Pieiller ...)


This actor, director and author created in 1992 the company Le Cubitus with which he produced many plays for young audiences (Fairy Count, Elodine and the Corsairs, Elodine enchants Merlin, A star in the sun, Kaab, child of the Sahara, On flew Lake Baikal). Very sensitive to images, the universe he creates in his pieces is imbued with enchantment and fantasy.

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In 2010, he took up an incredible challenge: he emigrated to Australia and his ambition was to promote French culture abroad and to educate young and old about the beauty of the French language.

Bet won! In 2010 he created the company Dram'in French which met with great success. For seven years he put on 42 shows: plays, readings and films in which language resonates, moves and overwhelms. His productions are abundant, colorful and generous in the very image of what he is - in his image.

As part of his company, he leads workshops and works in close collaboration with the Lycée Condorcet in Sydney (The International French School of Sydney) and other French-speaking and Australian structures. Benevolent, professional and generous, he puts all his talent at their service.


Generous actor, talented director, daring author, Jean-Yves Brignon's ambition is to make theater a “total spectacle”: theater becomes a discovery of oneself, a generous and benevolent collaboration between men, an expression of the most emotions. profound and an infinite rediscovery of the beauty of the French language. "

- Sarah Toucheboeuf, professor of Letters.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.