Andromaque, by Jean Racine

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In a timeless world, four young people have fun chasing each other, with no guarantee of being loved in return.

Discovering threadbare circus costumes in an old trunk, they grab hold of them and, out of play, begin to slip into the skin of Racine's characters. But little by little, the passion wins them, to the point of being embroiled in spite of themselves in the tragedy.

The action takes place in Epirus, at the end of the Trojan War. Hector is dead and Andromaque, his wife, is held prisoner with his son Astyanax in the palace of Pyrrhus. Orestes, who arrives in the Greek province to claim the death of Astyanax, burns with love for Hermione, herself in love with Pyrrhus to whom she is engaged. But Pyrrhus falls in love with his captive who, faithful to the memory of her husband, rejects his advances.

Meanwhile, Hermione, disdaining Orestes fiery declarations, prepares to marry Pyrrhus, who welcomes her coldly.

The struggles led by the members of this amorous quartet to break the deadlock are the engine of their tragic destiny. Pushed by Hermione, Orestes causes the death of Pyrrhus on his wedding day with Andromache, who had resolved to this union to save his son. Promised to the retribution of the furies, Hermione stabs herself on Pyrrhus' body. Andromache becomes queen and widow a second time, while Oreste sinks into madness.


Duration: 1h 25

Directed by Jean-Yves Brignon

With Joël Abadie, Claire Delmas or Suzanne Legrand, Emma Debroise, Benoit Guibert or Ken Michel

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Sevil Gregory Theatrical Aesthetics

Lighting Vincent Lemoine

Music Robinson Senpauroca


Press kit available here

Educational file here

- Creation at the Festival Off d'Avignon 2019 at the ARCAS marquee-theater

July 5 to 28 at 3 p.m. - info here ...

- 15 Oct 19 Aix-en-Provence

- 22 nov 19 Brignoles

- from February 11 to 13, 2022 Théâtre Beaux Arts Tabard, Montpellier

- POSTPONED (from March 19 to 21, 2021 Théâtre Beaux Arts Tabard, Montpellier)

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


The show is available to be performed in middle and high schools. Contact us for more information.


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The show received the support of the Proarti platform for a search for participatory funding for creation. You will find below the list of our contributors


The show could not have been created without the support and help of our generous contributors. It meant a lot to us. We would like to thank them most warmly:

Patrick Lo Ré, Christian Yaghmourian, Patrice Poidevin, Michèle Pelatan, Nadège Bosoni,, Anne-Laure Metzger, Alain Galard, Anouk Jurado, Christian Bordeleau, Hervé Aubin, Christian Brice, Marie-Isalyne Bourgogne, Simon Galard, Isabelle Lesponne, Sébastien Smetryns , Muriel Gardillou, Igo Pejic, Emmanuelle Brice, Rachel Wach, Valérie Brignon Catrice, Marc Poidevin, Christina Pontet, Simon Poidevin, Amandine Thiriet, Valérie Mastrangelo, Suzanne Siquier, Bernadette Audelain, Marie-Christine Manasfi, Philippe Rambach, Germaine Brice, Laure Michel, Philippe Guichardaz, Olivia Lamorlette, Jean-Luc Pichon, Pascal Delmas, Benoit Marin, Claire Puzenat, Emilie Fialon, Luc Marin, Magali Beauvois, Jean-Claude Delmas, Isabelle Jamot, Mohammad Bakri, Stefano Fogher, Mériem, Weill-Lebrun , Anne Foucher, Lilian Delmas, Fabrice Levesque, Nicolas Millot, Philippe de Chanville, Christine Beauvallet, John Jomeo.