Notre amie Selma en plene création

A new publishing house?

Not quite. Above all, we want to support the authors that the company supports, produces or co-produces.

Among the already numerous existing publishing houses, we want not only to give our voice, our gaze and our confidence in new authors, but to offer them a longer life with the public.

While the supply of publishers is high, demand will continue to grow because there is a diversity of commitments and personalities.

In addition, it seems important to us to continue to participate in the discovery and dissemination of works that are still discreet.

We are sensitive to the artistic and literary approach without complacency of the authors attentive to their readers. Produce to disseminate, produce to interest, produce to account.

Upcoming publications

  • The Other Theater, Jean-Yves Brignon

  • L'Arche , Olivier Denizet and Suzanne Legrand

  • Crazy tales, Jean-Yves Brignon

  • 7 at once, collective

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.